Fingerprinting Service For Taxi Cab Driver In Baltimore Maryland

Instructions For Completing LiveScan Pre-Registration Application for FBI and Maryland State Criminal History Record Check (Type or Print in Black Ink).

The Livescan Pre-registration Form is now used to obtain the required State and FBI criminal history record checks.  PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Complete only the Applicant Information section of the form. All information in that section must be provided.

Name – type or print the applicant’s name.

Date of Birth - Enter the applicant’s date of birth. Example: Enter May 27, 1969 as 05/27/1969.

Social Security Number - Enter the applicant’s Social Security Number.

Gender – Check Male or Female.

Height - Enter applicant’s height in feet and inches. Do not use fractions of an inch.

Weight - Enter applicant’s weight in pounds. Do not use fractions of a pound.

Eye Color - Enter the color of the applicant’s eyes.

Hair Color - Enter the color of the applicant’s hair.

Race - Indicate race by checking one of the boxes on the form.

Place of Birth - Enter the state in which the applicant was born. If not born in the United States, enter the name of the country in which the applicant was born.

Citizenship - Enter the applicant’s country of citizenship.

Current address – Enter complete current street address.

City: Enter city in which you reside.

State: Enter state in which you reside.

Zip Code: Enter zip code in which you reside.

Daytime Phone: Enter daytime phone number.

Evening phone – Enter evening phone number.

Driver’s License # - Enter driver’s license number from your State driver’s license.


2. Double-check the livescan form to make sure you have completed the Applicant Information section only.

3. Bring the livescan form to our location at the Fordleigh Shopping Center at 6214 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215, which is 4 minutes away from the Reisterstown Road Plaza where CJIS is located. For help, call us at 443-213-8245.

4. Government Issued Photo Identification must be presented at the time of fingerprinting. (Examples: driver's license, Certificate of Naturalization, passport, Alien Registration Card, or Military Identification)

5. Payment

o ALL forms of payment are accepted, EXCEPT for personal checks. There is a $2 discount for Debit and Cash payments: $48 ($30.00 for FBI & State background check plus $18 for fingerprinting fee). Renewal Fee ($36).

All other forms of Payment are: $50.00 ($30.00 for FBI & State background check plus $20 for fingerprinting fee). Renewal Fee ($38).

6. You will receive a receipt from us with your tracking number and CJIS support phone number. Your results will be sent to the Transportation Division directly within 24 to 48 business hours. Submit this receipt to the Transportation Division with your application packet and make a copy for your records.